Over and over again I hear clients use the word ‘simple’ when they describe the kind of ceremony they envisage, and I really understand that. Simple does not mean shallow or rushed. It means just getting to the heart of what makes your relationship incredible. Actually, I like simple a lot. 

However, if a couple want a sky-diving entrance, doves, a mariachi band and a horse-drawn carriage, these things can be brilliant as well, as long as there is a purpose to whatever the special ritual is. These fancy extras are perfect for some, ridiculous for others. 

My job is to find the perfect words, gestures and music that work together to create a wedding ceremony that is utterly authentic to each and every couple (and I reckon I’m pretty good at it!).



  • We meet for an initial ‘get to know you’ chat (around 30 min).
  • If you feel I’m a good match, we meet for our main meeting (around 2 hours) during which we:
        – Fill-in the Notice of Intended Marriage (the NOIM).
        – Have what is hopefully an enjoyable if not slightly probing conversation so I can get a sense of who you are as a couple.
        – Commence the process of putting the structure of your wedding ceremony in place. 
  • Over the following weeks there will be correspondence back and forth. I help you with resources and support you the whole way through. You’ll have some ‘homework’ to do (vows and other elements), and so will I. Eventually all the pieces of your ceremony will be in place in plenty of time – no last-minute rushes!
  • Do we have a rehearsal? Hell yes. The rehearsal is so crucial to ensure everyone feels comfortable about how things will flow on the day. Ideally it will be at your venue although this is not always possible.
  • On your big day we have a beautifully constructed, fun and heartfelt ceremony that says all that you want to say in front of your most cherished people about why your relationship is amazing.
  • After the ceremony I file all the paperwork with the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages, and after a few weeks your marriage will be formally registered.


The cardinal rule: do not let a wedding ceremony drag on too long! Banging-on kills any of the good work you’ve done in creating beautiful words and moments. I find that 30-40 minutes from go to woah is usually a good time-frame.


    I don’t have a fixed fee structure. I find out what you need, what my time commitment will be, whether there is any travel involved etc., and I will quote you accordingly. (A travel fee will be charges for trips more than 100km round trip from the CBD). Most Melbourne ceremonies will set you back around $1000.


    Music is just so crucial. Be creative, make it reflect who you are. Usually three tracks are required, whether played off a playlist or live by musicians you have present:

    • Entrance track
    • Signing track
    • The ‘Woohoo!’ final track.

    My services include use of my PA and microphones.


    Ellen Spalding
    Phone: 0407 058 006