The Group Song

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The Group Song!

Singing together at Hilary & Ben’s wedding at the Merri Creek, Northcote. Pic: Charlie Kinross – hilaryandcharlie.com.au

Can I just quickly tell you about the joys of the group song in a wedding ceremony?

While it won’t suit everyone, or every ceremony, in the right context singing together can be the most moving, joyous and unifying addition to a wedding (or any other) ceremony. As Dally Messenger III, one of the world pioneers of celebrancy explains, (apart from the theological stuff) singing in a group remains pretty much the only element of a religious ceremony which has not transferred so comfortably into a secular context. This is because Western culture tends to disconnect singing from everyday life.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Dally has been encouraging celebrants to try and find ways to include group songs in a ceremony, (where appropriate of course), because it just feels so good when you do it! So when I saw an opportunity with a recent wedding at which a choir was going to present, I suggested the group song.  Hilary and Ben, the gorgeous bride and groom, loved the idea and when the time came them, myself and the 80 or so guests all sang Chapel of Love together in a beautiful bush setting on a gorgeous summer’s day –  it was a moment to remember! This serves as a reminder of how much choice is available to couples when putting their wedding ceremony together, and that we are really limited only by our imaginations!

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