Same-sex Couple’s Dilemma.

| Posted by Ellen in ES
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Pic: Bec Matheson Photography – www.becmatheson.com

I have to say, I’m surprised how few inquiries I receive about same-sex commitment ceremonies.

My theory is that the GLTBIQ community has been in limbo, waiting for a time when the politicians catch up with the Australian people and make the necessary changes to the Marriage Act to allow all loving couples in this country an equal right to marry.

It seems many gay and lesbian couples have been putting off their plans to formalise their relationships with a ceremony, in the hope that they may soon be legally married. However, there certainly has been some dampening of these hopes – it all just seems so  bogged down, with governments (and oppositions!) unwilling to budge on this issue, despite the tide of public opinion.

So ladies and gents, very much looking forward to working with you all, whatever the occasion is. The fact is, in terms of putting the ceremony together, there is absolutely no difference in the work of creating a beautiful wedding or same-sex commitment ceremony, apart from skipping a few of the legals. So looking forward to working with all of you to create the best day of your life!

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