Marriage Equality has Changed Everything.

| Posted by Ellen in ES
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Since same sex marriage became a reality in Australia in December 2017 the earth has not opened up and the sun still rises each morning…and couples all over Australia have experienced the joy of being able to express how much their relationship means to them in a legal marriage ceremony. Lordy, it’s been amazing!

In one fell swoop marriage in this country has finally become an inclusive event that does not privilege some people over others, one that can be shared with friends and family without guilt or regret.

Since the change in the law I have officiated at many same sex marriages, all of them unique, but all of them full of pure delight for the opportunity that has opened up. Unsurprisingly, many of the marriages in this first part of the experience with marriage equality are very long-term partnerships of twenty or thirty years. These are couples who have been waiting for the law to catch up with the reality of their lives. Now it has, the stories being told in these ceremonies are of commitments already made, experiences already shared, and hope and excitement for the years that still lie ahead. Yet there is no doubt that heterosexual couples are reaping the benefit as well because everyone gains from equality.

Making marriage available to all loving couples has completely transformed this job for me. I’ve always loved what I do as a celebrant but now I can connect on a much deeper level about what a marriage can mean to two people who share a life together. So, it’s about bloody time, but THANK YOU AUSTRALIA!


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